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Garnet Blasting

We have been working hard to provide Specialist Automotive Blasting Facilities second to none!

A purpose designed & built full size Booth is now in place with great lighting & dust extraction equipment, which is unique in it self as no air is emitted out side.
It is fully self contained with the air going through a cyclone & then special filters and recycled back, so we are also doing our bit for the environment. (The first of it's kind that we know of !)

The Booth is large enough to take a chassis or just a single panel (though our panel work is our speciality)
We handle the delicates too, so any automotive parts like garnish moulds, wheels or even small parts & motors can be catered for.
If you have rusty parts or panels (some processes do not remove rust!) parts that are painted or have filler in, then we can safely remove all this without warping panels or removing the valuable steel. Our equipment is designed for automotive blasting , unlike the large industrial set ups.

We have a base hourly rate of charge out which is much cheaper than the industrial blasters, but with all the care taken by real car enthusiasts.
As we do not pretened to be painters (we leave that to the experts) if required we will treat any raw steel with anti rust treatment (acid based. No oil) This stops any flashing off prior to painting if some work still has to be done, or we will paint the parts in a quality 2 pack sealer. This will seal out any moisture for sometime until any fillers, primers or top coats can be applied.

As we travel a bit, we also offer a personal pick up and delivery service, so even if you do your own work and require paint & rust removal, your valuable parts will be wrapped in quilted blankets, in weather proof transport.
This extra service is FREE if we are in your area.