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Offical Meadia Releases

RODS & RELICS hits the WEB...1/1/07.
Rods & Relics have officially landed on the Internet, with the promise of wonderful things to come. With photos to look at, or info to be gained. Whether to find people to help with the building of your dream car, or they will assist you themselves.  
Rods & Relics are supplies of steel, sheet, custom one off panels. They make specialist tools that aren't easily available in Australia ( Especially if you are into custom metal shaping ), they will even make a one off part with their  equipment or help with construction and rego. What a service!!The staff at Rods & Relics are passionate about their hobby and believe that there are no boundaries to fun with cars be it Vintage, V8 Supercars, Hot Rods,  Drag Racing, Classics or Salt Lake Racing.
So if you see them out and about or your just checking out their website, give them a holler, they'd love to here from any like minded, passionate people.