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YES, you read correctly.
As of this weekend (10/10/08) Speedweek at Lake Gairdner has been postponed with the dates hopefully to set for later in the year.
This has now been 2 years in a row & all concerned are devastated.
Keep an eye on the DLRA Web Site for more info

What can I say.


 after much work last year, are pleased to announce the release of their base range of tools.

Specialist Metal Shaping Tools mostly which are Australian made.

They are the ONLY manufacturer of a Stainless Steel Bullseye Pick in the world & the ONLY manufacturers of Shrinking Disc's, Bossing Mallets, Slap Hammers & our popular Weld Mates in Australia.
Their Beater Bags have also become popular, with them sourcing the best quality hides through an old school leather man, who is also passionate about providing quality products.

Whilst the tools are made in their own workshop in country South Australia, much time has been spent in sourcing the right people to help produce the quality items.
From CNC Benders for handles & Bullseye Pick arms, a Polymer Specialist Co. that can cast the Mallet heads onto the handles for strength and longevity.Hydro formers and Metal Spinners for their exceptional skills at producing world class finished Shrinking disc's formed on Dies that where beautifully made by experienced engineers.
Rods & Relics are aware that people want value for money tools that last, so they have been and will continue to test and improve ways of manufacturing to achieve this.
There have been many custom made components in these tools, such as special flat springs in the bullseye Picks, machined centre pins & tips and comfortable PVC grips.

For further enquiries check out their web site and see what else they get up to in their Rod Shop or contact Rod direct on [email protected]



15 October 2007




(A Division of the Australian Street Rod Federation)




On a recent cruise a street rod was pulled over by a traffic policeman and was questioned as to why it was on a permit.  In the Policeman’s opinion it should not have been on the road as it did not comply with the Road Traffic Act.  The policeman in this instance was justified in his stance.  The driver signs off that it does meet the Act and Regulations, and the requirement is emphasized on the form.  There is NO excuse.


It is not the first time a defect has been issued to a permit carrying vehicle, but on this occasion there has been a targeted follow up.  The riot act was read to the TAC by the Department of Transport, Energy & Infrastructure following elevation within Government departments over the ensuring week of this specific defect


The expectation by Government is that any Street Rodder (or any driver of any vehicle for that) that signs up to a permit does it on the understanding that it complies with the Road Traffic Act.  I have seen enough vehicles (and not just street rods) on permits to know that legality is sometimes given little consideration at the time the permit is attained. We have been able to turn a blind eye and say it is the individuals problem.  Not any more.


The threat if enthusiasts do not exercise more due diligence extends to individuals AND EVENTS being more heavily scrutinized.  The behavior of the fortunately very few who disregard what they are signing must stop NOW!. 


A secondary issue is that if a vehicle is in an accident and it is deemed that it DOES NOT meet the conditions in the Road Traffic Act the owner/ driver could find any insurance cover - third party or vehicle - questioned.


We have been warned.  If your car is not legal,   do NOT drive it.  If your mate insists, let him know that the consequence could be targeted all encompassing checks that will have an impact on everyone.   That is the message we have been served.  I would like to hope the ball is in our court at this point in time.


For street rodders contact your Technical Advisory Committee representative to ensure you have undertaken the pre registration check for piece of mind in the first instance.  We are now operating to the National Guidelines for the Construction of a Street Rod so there are some additional benefits that could make an easier path to full Registration.




Please debrief fully to your club



Robert Riggs





Well we can't believe it, no Lake Gairdner this year !

The lake can't be accessed and the salt is still a bit mushy.

We we lucky, only got to the other side of Adelaide, when we received a call from the Phillips team from America.

Gail, Al and Doug ( Chief Mechanic ) nearly got there, when they where advised.
I feel sorry for them having spent $$ and time, as I'm sure lot's of other teams did.
Hopefully they will leave their car here in Australia for next year, as they have another one they can run in Bonneville if they want.

Lot's of Aussies left the Eastern states last week and where already there or close.
Some where still going to the lake as they where a lot closer than we where.

Mike Davidson and myself have vowelled to be there next year, it is hoped with lots of work he'll have his Streamliner ready for '08.
It's coming alone nicely with a lot of chassis work done, the cage is on the go now as with the drive train soon to start. The body taken from the mould looks great and combined with his talents I'm sure the car will do well.
 Even the plans sound great for the custom built trailer, which will be fairly long of course.

Let's hope the DRLA don't cop too much flack, as it wouldn't have been an easy decision.

CHEERS for now, and roll on March '08



 Mike is well into the build of his Streamliner, Dual Flathead V8's of course.
The steering and front wheels have posed some clearance problems, but nothing that Mike can't deal with.
 All of a sudden, for me the realisation of 10 months to go, with lots of work yet to be done by a lot of teams, lets hope they all make it.