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Our Services

Our services include the manufacture of custom one off panels or patch panels (full Metal Shaping services) general welding & the fabrication of parts & brackets to complete chassis work.
A full size Garnet Booth is available for specialist automotive blasting right down to garnish moulds, engine parts etc.
We have been known to do general welding work, through to Stainless for locals when required with a yacht currently booked in for some stainless railing work. (now completed)

We supply steel or sheet steel, or the help with building and rego. in S.A. ( TAC  ). 
As a Technical Advisory Committee Delegate I will assist those members of the A.S.R.F.( Australian Street Rod Federation ) in the construction of their Rod, through inspections,  advice and to final registration. If I can't answer your questions, I'll find someone who can.
Even our custom built trailer is available if required !
We carry out all mechanical to electrical work on early cars & can organise al other trades if needed.

Even just to drop by, grab a cuppa and have a chat. Look at what we do or even discuss a future project, where here to help.

We just love making panels from sheet metal and believe that anyone can have a go, so we are more than willing to share in the little secrets to help make that project come true.
Even our customers get the chance to work with us, making their project a true team effort.

For examples of our panel work, visit the panel section of the web site.

As we travel a fair bit attending swap meets to supply our range of tools, we are now also providing a freight service for those who need parts or panels moved safely at a good price. Panels are wrapped with removalists blankets and we have the correct tie down equipment for cars.

From time to time, we run workshops based around the reprodution of vintage panels to sorting problems with car restoration or modified.

Remember we said we were passionate about our hobby !