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Our Workshop

We are located in Heritage St. along side the Melbourne Highway.

                                   (Look for the old servo)

So somehow in between carrying on normal work between the 2 premises and a bit of shifting into the new one, we have finally end up in the one location.
A few have already seen either my Rod or the car trailer loaded at the new place (as it's easily seen from the Melbourne Highway) & have tooted on their way past.
To those truckies who also happen to be Rodders, yes we have heard you too!!


 We have built a full size Blast Booth to cater for our own & customers specialist blasting,. We carry out Blasting of everything from full chassis to small items like garnish moulds, engine parts & of course panels.

Our well equipped work shop contains the necessary equipment to carry out most facets of custom car work.
From most steel supplies, tube and flat. 
We specialise in cold rolled steel for car panels & Zinc for Floor pans.

The main workshop equipment is;
Floor Guillotine, 4' Panbox Folder, 4' Slip Roller, 8' Radius Roller (this is custom made by us), Lathe, Drill Press, 20 Tonne Press, Full Size English Wheel,  Bead rollers, Shrinkers & Stretchers etc and of course MIG, TIG, Oxy & Spot Welders, Plasma Cutter with table (soon to be CNC) and a Full range of Air Tools including a planishing hammer.
We have now added a Vibro Shear (similar to a Pullmax) for us to not only speed up a lot of processes, but enable us to carry out some new ones like speed shrinking and Louvre cutting. New Dies are continually being developed.
We have a few chassis jigs, the main one getting used is the '35-40 Ford. We have use of a '32 one side & '33-34 the other, though most of our chassis are built as one offs as we tend to build cars to suit the owner, from the ground up, so most are unique & we make each chassis to suit. 

We have of been testing the prototypes for the range of tools, so we can say for sure, they work well ! 
We are now very busy catching up on making stock for pre Christmas, Swap Meet & Web sales have exceeded our expectations. (especially the Shrinking Disc's)