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We currently we make to order for both the Restorer & Rodder a like.
We copy any Vintage panels or even custom make patch panels for the hands on car builder to suit.

Some previous work

A customer required 2 Rear '25 Studebaker Tourer skins (Left & Right) & this is what we came up with.
A perfect match with the other very rare 3 beaded doors.
We threw the flanges ready to be fitted to the timber frame work.
We will also be supplying the right angle joining strips for nailing to the frame work & the complex panels between the curve of the door and the wheel arch.
This customer has now returned for extra work like making patch panels for the tub & the door sills.

Grille Shell Repair

Here we have a repaired '24 Dort Grille Shell.
It is one of only 6 cars in existence so we feel privileged to have done repairs to this vehicle which also include the valance panels with more work to come.
This has now returned to the work shop for metal finishing work ready for Nickel plating, as the original job was for our standard finish only as it was to be painted.

We now have other grille shells waiting for the same metal finish treatment for plating.

Custom Sump

This is a custom sump we where asked by a customer to make for a Clevo in a Hilux chassis.
A little different as it also had to be shortened so a normal Bronco sump would not fit.
The bulk of the lower half is Commodore as it suited and we also made a custom pick up for it.

Window Sill Replacement

Here is a complete new windscreen recess on a customers '48 F1.
All steel, tacked in & ready to be fully wleded.